On average it’s costs around $250 but varies with size and condition of vehicle.

Its important to detail your vehicle so you can preserve the condition and maintain the value of your vehicle

To protect your vehicle from the harsh weather in Calgary we recommend getting your vehicle detailed every 4-6 months.

Getting your vehicle detailed will include a deep clean of the interior/exterior to remove any contaminates and apply a protectant to all surfaces when complete

Paint protection film is a invisible barrier to prevent rock chips and minor damage to your vehicles paint.

Ceramic coating is a very durable wax that last 4-7 years depending on type of coating used. It will prevent damage to your clear coat caused by harsh elements like (bugs, bird droppings, hard water spots and chemical damage)

Paint correction is a multi step polishing process where we level your clear coat to remove scratches , swirl marks and oxidization leaving a high gloss finish on your paint.

On average a full detail interior/exterior should take 3-4 hours, size, condition and type of detail package will affect time spent at the shop.

A full interior starts with removing all items from the vehicle. Floor mats being hung to be power washed. We then vacuum the interior to get it ready for a shampoo. After the shampoo is complete we steam clean all the hard surfaces including vents, dashboard and cup holders. All plastic/rubber/vinyl will get treated and conditioned. All Leather surfaces will get treated and protected and we finish off with deodorizing the interior and making sure the glass is clear and streak free.

Experience is key! Find a place that has been in the business for more than 5 years , another great way is to look up reviews and see what other customers say about the shop. Last thing is finding a place that has packages that meet the budget you have in mind.




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